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Sandy Hemphill, Gifted Facilitator

Science City Trip - April 12, 2006
Letter Writing
LifeSmarts - Middle School April 19, 2006
Knowledge Master Open for 7th and 8th Grade
Service Valley Projects
2006-2007 Projects
Class Projects
PSU Field Trip
Funding for Gifted Education
School Websites

SEK Interlocal #637
Pittsburg, Kansas

Colored Chalk with Eraser

Servicing USD #247 and USD #504
USD #247
Southeast High School
Cherokee Attendance Center
Weir Attendance Center
McCune Attendance Center
USD #504
Oswego High School
Oswego Middle School
Service Valley Elementary
Neosho Heights Elementary

Sandy Hemphill may be contacted by e-mail at
or by phone at the following numbers:
Southeast 620-457-8365
Cherokee 620-457-8315
Weir 620-396-8211
McCune 620-632-4217
Oswego High School 620-795-2125
Oswego Middle School 620-795-4724
Service Valley 620-421-3449
Neosho Heights 620-795-4541
504 Board of Education 620-795-2126
247 Board of Education 620-457-8350
Home Phone 918-675-9943
The website address is

Practice a LifeSmarts Contest Round